Pray for these churches in Pastoral Transition:
(1) Martinsburg, WV
(2) Seaford, DE







Please be in prayer for our General Assembly and Conventions, June 21-30 to be held in Indianapolis, IN.  The Board of General Superintendents have asked that in addition to praying that every service will be blessed with God’s manifest presence, please include the following specific requests as you pray:

  • Pray for global political stability as well as protection for our event. We also pray that the delegates from all world areas where the Church of the Nazarene has ministry will be able to travel with safety and without obstruction.
  • Pray that the intended focus of General Assembly 2017—strengthening our evangelistic perspective—will be realized.
  • Pray that the Lord will use this “sacred assembly” to revive and renew our global church family as we gather for worship each evening and Sunday morning, celebrating One Body, One Spirit, One Hope, One Lord, One Faith.
  • Pray for the Lord to guide and anoint the Monday Delegate Commissioning Service, the State of the Church message, and all the General Assembly 2017 elections and decisions.
  • Pray for the conventions that are a part of this event: Nazarene Missions International (NMI), Nazarene Youth International (NYI), and Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International (SDMI). These global ministries convene to strengthen both their mission and impact, as well as to celebrate the blessings of God experienced around the world.
  • Please offer continuing prayers for the official business sessions of General Assembly 2017. Pray that our delegates will be enriched by heavenly wisdom, the camaraderie of the spirit of fellowship, and continued commitment to the mission of making Christlike disciples.

A few days before Christmas
Janet Fry, wife of George Fry, pastor at Gettysburg, PA was diagnosed with stage II breast cancer.  UPDATE: After a second surgery the doctor has stated that she is cancer free - Praise God. However, he wants her to have 3 more chemo infusion. Her last infusion will be July 3. We are praising God for this report and praying that there are no side effects of the chemo infusion.  Thank you for the prayers,George Fry (5-7-2017)


Dr. Roy Carnahan, retired former district superintendent of our district returned home after a stay in a rehab in York, PA to strengthen muscles after a long hospital stay to manage blood pressure. Roy, Doris and the family so appreciate your concern and prayers. (3-13-17)

Pastor Greg Lesniewski
of McConnellstown, PA has been diagnosed with stage 4a metastatic prostate cancer. This cancer has recurred following his surgery to remove his prostate. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy to treat this recurrence. UPDATE - Greg reports: 
“I am through with four chemo infusions with two more to go March 7th and the 28th. The church board has approved my sabbatical request, so I will be at Center Treatment Center America in Zion, IL from April 24th until June 16th for my radiation treatments.” (3-2-2017)

Janet Johnson
, associate pastor at Melwood Church writes, “I had to have emergency surgery due to a severe infection that developed from my reconstruction surgery.  After that surgery, a six day stay in the hospital, and three weeks of intense antibiotics, it looks like we've finally come out on top of the problem.  UPDATE from Janet:
“I just want to thank everyone for their prayers. I'm slowly getting back to work and getting ready for retirement this August.”  (3-2-2017)